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Sterling Home Technologies specializes in-home Wi-Fi, network installation, home theater systems, home automation, and more!

Wireless Networking You Can Trust

Wi-Fi Provides the Convenience of Mobile Connection and Wireless Access If Done Right.

Wireless Networking You Can Trust

The data network in your smart home is a critical component, as vital as the electrical or plumbing. After all, streaming services, security, and daily online communications all travelover the Ethernet. 

Wi-Fi networking provides the convenience of broadband without wires, allowing you to roam freely with your mobile devices or add the latest smart unit with ease. While a wireless connection is the most expedient method of connecting, it does have its limitations.  An improperly installedhome Wi-Fi network can deliver more frustration than benefit. 

The expert networking team at Sterling Home Technologies can design and maintain a robust and secure wireless system for your San Antonio, TX home. 

What is the Best Way to Protect Your Smart Home?

Don’t Let Your Home Wi-Fi Become Your Most Vulnerable Point of Entry

What is the Best Way to Protect Your Smart Home?

Fears about connected devices are not unfounded. Real threats exist of hackers accessing the devices on your home wi-fi to view surveillance footage and even unlock doors. With a physical attack, you know immediately when someone is in your home; cyber-attacks can be a lot more insidious. Hackers could be collecting data for extended periods to gauge your habits without you noticing.  

It's no wonder that many people are reluctant to join the Internet of Things bandwagon. The good news is that you can take a lot of easy steps to make sure your home wi-fi has a robust and secure foundation. From the devices you choose to ongoing maintenance, there are ways you can take advantage of this newfound technology without fearing a third-party intrusion.

Want to Improve Your Home's Wi-Fi Reach? Here Are 3 Ways You Can.

Increase Internet Coverage and Speed Throughout Your San Antonio Property

Want to Improve Your Home's Wi-Fi Reach? Here Are 3 Ways You Can.

Take a moment and think about the sheer amount of technologies utilizing your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Cell phones. Tablets. Laptops. Smart home devices. The list goes on. 

The fact is, Wi-Fi plays a huge role in today’s residential environment – even if some of your home’s larger devices instead rely on a wired connection.