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3 Brands and Products to Add to Your Home Media Rooms: Part 1

We’ll Talk Innovative Movie Players, Seating and Sound

3 Brands and Products to Add to Your Home Media Rooms: Part 1

Though we love everything about home theaters – from installing them for others to enjoying them in our residences – there is something about the way home media rooms bring families together. In fact, we’ve seen many San Antonio, Boerne and Hill Country, TX, homeowners eschew the more traditional theater concept recently in favor of a multifaceted family space, complete with gaming systems, wine bars, communal seating or anything else the homeowner might conjure up during the concept phase.

At Sterling Home Technologies, we know that specifications mean everything when designing rooms, and many more variables go into a home media room setup. For example, you might be dealing with a more-open concept space and have to account for noise with acoustic treatments. Or, you have ambient light because the room you selected (a spare bedroom, perhaps?) wasn’t originally intended to be a theater-type space.

We can think of a fix for any potential issue, as well as a top-quality brand and product solution. Keep reading to see a few brands that we recommend for home media rooms.

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Kaleidescape -
As much as we appreciate streaming a great show, many clients want to take the internet connectivity risk out of the equation and enjoy Kaleidescape. This solution allows you to download movies from its store and find previously inaccessible titles like theater-only releases and obscure fan-favorite films or classics.

Not only do you get this selection, but you can also enjoy a bit-for-bit copy of the movie in full 4K UHD resolution. Kaleidescape picture quality matches or exceeds what you see in theaters. Their latest movie player, the Strato S, stores hundreds of titles. If you choose to use it as a DVD player, it can render your movies as 4K. Want more storage? Simply add another Strato S or Terra server.

CinemaTech - Many factors go into your movie experience, and some don’t even involve much technology. Seating, for example, can make or break a room’s design. If you’re craning your neck or experiencing back pain because your seat isn’t comfortable, you won’t pay as much attention to that stunning action scene or award-winning dialogue.

CinemaTech specializes in theater seating that not only accommodates many design tastes but also fulfills your home media room’s original purpose. You might prefer more communal seating in this space to the standalone chair design that better suits a theater. Their Paseo seating, for example, is an ultra-wide sectional that we can link together or set up independently.

Klipsch - The Klipsch Modular Consumer Cinema System brings discreet, high-impact sound into consumers’ homes. The system includes three front speakers, as well as a left, center, and right, and two subwoofers. The entire sound system fits behind your screen, allowing even a small media room to achieve best-in-class audio and flawless design.


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