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3 Crisis-Ready Essentials to Add to Your Home Security System

3 Crisis-Ready Essentials to Add to Your Home Security System

It seems as though the news changes every day, and with that, our expectations constantly shift as well. We might wonder what comes next, how long the new coronavirus pandemic will last, and how much of a risk you take when you go out. With all this uncertainty surrounding us, the last thing we want to do is further endanger our families with an unsecured home. Give your family some valuable peace of mind with the home security system tools we mention below.

Though these security devices will help you feel safe while you’re at home, you can use them long after this crisis passes. Keep reading to find out which devices have creative use for both now and later, and why you’ll appreciate them.

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Voice Control

According to CDC guidelines, keeping every surface disinfected helps slow the spread of the virus and prevents us from catching it. What more effective way to reinforce your efforts than a smart home security system that you don’t have to touch at all? Our partners, Savant and Control4, have teamed up with Amazon and Apple to let you manage many automation and security functions by merely speaking commands.

Curious about the real-life application of voice-controlled security? You could be curled up by the TV when you realize that you forgot to arm your alarm system. A few words can guard your whole home in seconds.

A Safe, Robust Network

You’re more than likely asking a lot more of your home network these days. Today, you might be juggling working remotely, homeschooling your children, and struggling to entertain yourself.

You can’t afford to have your security system fail, especially during this time when experts forecast an uptick in crime. If you’ve noticed that you have to move around the house to get a stronger signal, or that your video hesitates mid-movie, your network might not be robust enough.

Sterling Home Technologies divides your networking into zones to keep data flowing and minimizing any “traffic jams” in your data transmission. Now that you have personal, work and school data on the line, consider this the perfect time to enhance your cybersecurity. We install security features like firewalls and guest networks to protect you from cybercriminals who might try to steal your data.


A Water Leak and Freeze Detection System

We’d bet that you don't see monitoring temperature or detecting freeze as top priorities now that it’s so pleasant out — and when reviewing your overall security, installing alarms and surveillance cameras seems much more important. However, during these times, you should take a closer look at water and freeze detection.

Why? Even weeks after the pandemic has started, finding groceries sometimes feels like searching for treasure, as some fruits, veggies and meats are in short supply. Protect what you have by implementing freeze detection to keep food at the right temperature: it can spoil if it freezes and unfreezes. Water leak detection prevents mold damage by letting you know if you have any excess water in areas where you typically store extra food.

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