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3 Signs You Need a Stronger Home Networking System

Working from home is challenging if your network isn’t up to par

3 Signs You Need a Stronger Home Networking System

Your home network is just fine for you and your family to watch Netflix, place an order on Amazon or switch on a Pandora station while you’re cooking dinner. But if your San Antonio, TX, home now also functions as a home office for remote work, you may be realizing that your networking system isn’t strong enough to support a flood of daily video calls, email and online programs. And this problem is compounded if other household members need to use the network for work or school, too.

Below, we’ve outlined some signs that indicate your network isn’t as strong as it could be, and that it’s time for an upgrade. 

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1. It Takes Repeated Attempts to Find a Connection

How many times a day do you find yourself following the actions below to fix loading or connectivity issues when you’re working from your home office:

  • Rebooting your router or modem
  • Restarting your computer
  • Refreshing unresponsive web pages
  • Resetting your phone to fix glitchy apps

Of course, multiple factors can cause network problems, which makes it difficult to determine whether the Wi-Fi connection, specific website or even the hardware itself is at fault. But if you find yourself consistently performing the same troubleshooting steps to load web pages or videos, it might be a sign that you need a more robust home networking system. This could mean an improved internet plan, better equipment or simply a more tailored system design. 

2. You Experience Shifting Wireless Signals Throughout the House

You move from your home office to the kitchen for a change of scenery, and your wireless signals plummet. Often, fluctuating signals in different areas of your house mean that your router isn’t placed in an optimal spot, or it’s not strong enough to handle all your wireless needs.

A powerful home network system can boost your Wi-Fi reach and provide you with multiple wireless access points throughout your house. If you have other family members working or using the internet at the same time, everyone can work in separate rooms and still maintain a reliable internet connection.   

3. You’re Always Waiting on Slow Connection Times

The absolute worst time to experience slow buffering is when you’re waiting to jump on a video conference call with your teammates. A weak network can cause several problems when you and your family all need it at the same time. Common hiccups you might encounter include:

  • Slow loading time for web pages
  • Slow downloading time for pictures and documents
  • Long buffering times on streaming services
  • Long buffering times and lagging on video call software
  • Slow service when multiple devices are in use at once

Upgrading to professional-grade dual bandwidth router will allow you to quickly and smoothly access the information you need and work productively without having to stop and wait for your connection to catch up. Easily prioritize the data that matters most depending on whether you’re at work or trying to relax with a Netflix movie in the evening.

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