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5 Home Theater Design Upgrades for Your Luxury Home

How to Take Your Entertainment Space to the Next Level

5 Home Theater Design Upgrades for Your Luxury Home

Are you ready to give your home entertainment a much-needed upgrade? You can craft the perfect movie-watching experience with the right home theater design. It’s not just about having the highest-quality components, but about giving them the right space to shine. In this blog we highlight some design upgrades that will make your theater the ideal destination for a blockbuster season.

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Sound Proofing

Your surround sound setup is a pivotal part of your home theater system. Your brand new speakers have to be expertly placed to make sure that everyone in the audience gets balanced sound. There are also some essential design tools your technician will use to optimize your audio. The first step is absorbing the sound effectively by placing thick carpeting on the floor. If needed, absorption and reflection sound panels can be installed to even out the audio throughout the room. Soundproofing drywall keeps outside noise from creeping in and interrupting your movie. It can also contain the sound so it doesn’t disrupt the rest of the family. 


Hidden AV 

One of the coolest aspects of home theater design is getting to pick a theme for your space. You may want it to mimic a commercial theater, recreate a scene from your favorite movie, or showcase your favorite sports team. Depending on the stylistic theme you choose, it may be necessary to keep your speakers, screens and AV components hidden from view. For the speakers, you can utilize both in-wall and in-ceiling installation techniques that blend the technology into the room. With the right material, you can even hide your speakers and projector behind the screen. In our home theater installations, all equipment (including your AV receiver, Blu-ray player, and media server) is neatly hidden away in an AV rack.

Lighting & Shading

If you've ever been in a commercial theater where they forgot to turn off the lights when the movie starts, you know how important lighting is while watching movies. Incorporate smart lighting in your home theater design so you can easily pull up the ideal lighting levels for watching movies, playing video games, or watching the Spurs. If you’re in a space with a lot of windows, add blackout shades that you can close at the press of a button to block ambient lighting.

Smart Control

Now that all your home theater design components are in place, it’s time to start the show! Instead of starting off on the wrong foot by having to deal with multiple remotes, we bring everything together on the device of your choice. From a smartphone, dedicated touchpad, or universal remote you can control your lights, projector, speakers, and climate. You can even take advantage of pre-set scenes. Press “Movie” and the lights dim, thermostat rises, projector turns on, and the shades close.

Whether you want to make your space more stylish or simpler to use, our home theater designs can make all the difference. For a new installation or theater upgrade, call us at (210) 858-6954 or fill out our online contact form.

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