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5 Things to Check if Your Home Networking Setup is Running Slow

Knowing When Your Home Networking Setup is in Need of a Tune-Up is Now More Important Than Ever

5 Things to Check if Your Home Networking Setup is Running Slow

How often have you been browsing the web or watching your favorite show on Netflix with ease one moment and the next your connection slows down or stops altogether? If you are currently experiencing this or other signs of a less than optimal wireless connection, then it may be time for a home networking tune-up.

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1. There Are Not Enough Wired Ports on Your Router

It is easy for your wireless network at home to get congested. You want to make sure you have enough ports to connect certain devices to your wireless router via an ethernet cable. Common devices that are convenient to connect to your router include desktop computers and gaming consoles.

2. Video Streaming Services Don’t Work While You Are Outside

Sometimes after a long day, all you want to do is to be able to lounge on your patio in your backyard and watch a good movie.

If you are unable to stream a movie or show from a service such as Netflix while you are in your backyard, then that is a good indication that you may want to consider getting an additional router (that is close to your backyard) which can eliminate this problem.

3. You Wireless Signal is Unpredictable

Many times, people complain of their wireless signal being strong one moment and almost nonexistent the next. The first possibility is that your Wi-Fi network is not secure, and neighbors are potentially connecting to your wireless network. If this is the case, then you need to protect your network with a password.

However, if this is not the case, then it is probably your router. You may want to consider getting a newer router or having your current one looked at.

4. Your Signal Seems Slow When the Kids Are Playing Video Games Online

Perhaps when someone in your home is playing a gaming console that is connected to your wireless network, other devices trying to access the internet may have some trouble.

This definitely may be the case if you have a single-band router; if so, then you may want to consider getting a dual-band router.

5. Your Connection is Weaker in Some Rooms Than in Others

When you move from room to room in your house, you want to have a consistently strong connection to your wireless network. If your connectivity changes drastically from room to room, then you may want to consider moving your router to a more centralized location within the home.

A range extender for your wireless router is another option if you don’t want to move your router from its current location.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help You Make Sure Your Home Networking Set Up is in Tip-Top Shape

Connect with us today to talk about a home network installation or upgrade for your space! We look forward to assisting you with your wired and wireless home networking needs.

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