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Are You Making These Mistakes When It Comes to Home Security?

Avoid These Common Pitfalls to Better Protect Your Family

Are You Making These Mistakes When It Comes to Home Security?

Do you sometimes worry you're not doing enough to protect your family? Are you worried the security you have in place isn't doing its job? Despite your best intentions, it's possible that a few mistakes could leave your home vulnerable. The good news is that with the right tools, these mistakes are relatively simple to resolve. In this blog, we highlight some of the top mistakes we see in home security systems and offer some solutions for your residence in San Antonio or the Texas Hill Country.


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Not Preparing for an Emergency

Even with the best security precautions in place, emergencies do happen. It’s important that your family be prepared when they do. Aside from the usual emergency kits, you can use your technology to help as well. Create simple emergency or panic buttons you can activate to turn on lights leading to the exit, unlock the front door for easy evacuation, and activate strobe lights outside so authorities can find your home quickly.


Not Locking Your Main Entry Points

Any security system should include locks for all your main entry points (including your garage door!). The next step is eliminating human error when it comes to those locks. It happens; we’ll all forget once or twice to lock them when we leave the house. Luckily, you can use sensors or schedules to automatically close doors without you or anyone in the family having to do it themselves.


Hiding a Key Outside of Your House

No matter how well you think you hid that key, someone will be able to find it. We recommend integrating smart locks into your home security. If someone needs to enter your house while you’re not there, you can let them in using your phone or provide them with an access code. You can even make it so the code can only be used during certain days or times.


Giving Burglars a Look into Your Home

Don't help potential burglars develop a game plan by giving them a look into your home. Not only will they know the layout of your space better, but they may be able to figure out where your most valuable items are. Incorporate your shades into your home security system to ensure they're closed at night and when you leave the house. You can even use occupancy sensors so shades immediately close in a room that is not being used.


Making Your Home Look Unoccupied

Burglars are most likely to target your home if they think you’re leaving for an extended period. There are a variety of giveaways – no lights on, mail piling up on the front door, or cars not being moved. A smart security system can help. Program lights to turn on and off while you're away to mimic activity. You can also add your shades to the mix for a more realistic feel.


Hiding Your Home Surveillance Cameras

Wanting to catch your kids or employees misbehaving is one thing, but when it comes burglars, you want to make your cameras as visible as possible. You should also post warning signs letting potential intruders know your home is monitored. This serves as a deterrent should they attempt a break-in. 


By avoiding these six common home security mistakes, you can significantly improve your family’s safety. Find out how our team of technology installation experts can help by calling (210) 858-6954 or filling out our online contact form.


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