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Away from Home? Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Home Monitoring

How A Home Monitoring System Works & Will Alleviate Stress

Away from Home? Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Home Monitoring

Maybe you’re jetting off to add stamps to your passport. Or perhaps you’re only across town at the grocery store. Either way, if something is amiss at your house, you’d like to know right away. That way, you can notify the authorities of the situation or make sure your family is okay. With a smart home monitoring system, you’ll always be in-the-know.

If you’re wondering how the technology works, how it will be installed in your home, and what the benefits are, we share the ins and outs of a home monitoring system below. Continue reading to see how your San Antonio, TX home can become safer.

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Alerts Anytime

Countless things could go wrong while you’re away from home: a leak could start in the basement, an intruder could break in through the back door, or a fire could start. While we tell ourselves the chances of this happening are rare, you can never be sure. But with sensors, locks, and alarms connected to a smart system, you’ll receive alerts right to your phone when any unusual activity is detected.

An integrator like Sterling Home Technologies can wire your system so that every motion sensor, water sensor, and smart lock is connected to the same network. You’ll receive an alert if the back door was opened, and if you’re away vacationing, you’ll know something is off and can call the police. 

Check Surveillance Footage

With a smart security system, you’ll also have the ability to check your surveillance camera footage anytime. Let’s say you receive an alert that motion was detected by the back door. You can watch live video of the security camera and determine if it was just an animal or someone more insidious. We’ll help you install cameras in the right locations with wide enough viewing angles and high enough placement not to be tampered with. If you have pets who are staying home alone, monitor the cameras every few hours to assure yourself they’re doing fine.

Access Technology from Anywhere

A home monitoring system not only lets you receive alerts and view the status of your home, but you can also activate the technology, no matter how many miles away you are. Turn on your home’s lights to make it look like someone is home or lock any doors that were accidentally left unlocked. You can turn on alarms and sensors or disarm them if you know the dog sitter is stopping by soon. You can alter the technology live and rest assured that the system is working properly.

Ready to bring a home monitoring system to your residence? Sterling Home Technologies is your destination! Chat with a member of our team below or contact us here.

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