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Benefits of Circadian Lighting: Optimize Every Part of Your Day

From Morning to Evening, Your Tunable Lighting Meets Your Needs

Benefits of Circadian Lighting: Optimize Every Part of Your Day

Lighting is transformative – from how it affects your surrounding atmosphere to how it makes you feel as you go about the day. As we spent more and more time indoors this past year, it’s become increasingly apparent that how your interiors look and feel has a significant impact on you. Ensure that your home lighting design meets your needs with lighting that accommodates every moment of the day.

Circadian lighting throughout your San Antonio, TX property can benefit your wellness and elevate your whole home environment. Find out how by reading on below!

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What Is Circadian Lighting?

Circadian, or tunable or human-centric, lighting is lighting automation that adjusts according to the natural sun’s patterns in the sky. Spending more time indoors keeps us away from the sunlight that our body and mind craves on an everyday basis. When we don’t get that daily intake, our circadian rhythm gets thrown off – and then everything else gradually starts to go south as well.

With a circadian lighting system, you can regain that balanced rhythm, ensuring that your mental and physical health is well taken care of. Your system will cater to your needs. In the morning, when you’re first adjusting to waking up from a deep sleep, your tunable lighting can fine-tune to a warm glow, illuminating your bedroom in a gentle light that mimics the sunrise and wakes you up gradually. The same candle-light glow can benefit you in the evening, helping you wind down from a long day of work or fun with friends and family! You’ll go to bed feeling rested and wake up ready for a new one tomorrow.

During the day, bluer tones are perfect for the productive hours you spend working from home or going about everyday tasks and chores. Don’t hit that midday slump of fatigue and exhaustion! Circadian lighting keeps a brightly lit atmosphere that motivates you to stay on task without stressing your eyes as standard lighting color tends to do.

How It Impacts Your Daily Lifestyle

Once your tunable lighting is in effect, you’ll notice big changes in how you approach the day. A good night’s sleep translates into an energetic morning and productive workday – leaving you the desired level of sleepiness at the end of the day. When your circadian rhythm is in check, you’ll begin a cycle of wellness that influences everything you do.

Plus, circadian lighting makes it easy to make adjustments and changes to your system and setup! Want different lighting colors and hues for various parts of the day? Want that afternoon glow when you’re trying to relax? You can keep your lighting schedule that follows the sun’s position in the sky but still enjoy the many benefits of tunable lighting as you please.

Are you ready to find out more about circadian lighting and what it can do for your home wellness and daily lifestyle? Give our team at Sterling Home Technologies a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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