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Enhance Comfort and Increase Wellbeing with a Smart Climate Control System!

Automated Envrionmental Controls Keep Consistent Temperatures, Reduce Humidity and Clean the Air

Enhance Comfort and Increase Wellbeing with a Smart Climate Control System!

A smart home is about the luxury of comfort and convenience, and nothing affects your comfort more than the temperature and humidity of indoor spaces. Regulating your home environment can influence your moods and general wellness. An automated climate control system can help you sleep better, stay focused, and bring balance to your daily circadian rhythms.  

An environmental control system can also save on energy costs by adjusting only the parts of your home that need it.  Rather than engaging the heating or cooling for the whole home, it is applied to the zones where it is required. 

See how a smart climate control system can enhance your San Antonio, TX lifestyle. 

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Goldilocks Zone 

While the weather reports may show a single temperature for your area, we all know that the actual temperature you experience can vary from shaded space to open field. A house does not heat up or cool uniformly, based on the sun’s position and where your trees sit. Using a single reading to keep an ambient temperature puts energy into rooms where it is not needed makes rooms either too hot or too cool, never just right.

smart thermostat connected to a web of sensors notes changes in zones and identifies which sections should be managed. Climate control is not just temperature. Humidity has an extraordinary effect on how we feel, and there are days when it makes even your home network appear to slow down. Automated air purification controls work to keep your home at an optimal 30-60 percent humidity, minimizing allergens and mold and making it easier to breathe overall. 

More Than Thermostats 

We all love the energy and vitality sunlight brings to a room.  Architects and designers incorporate daylighting elements to bring this natural illumination with spectacular results. As we all know, an innate byproduct of the sun’s light is heat, which can cause discomfort and stress on your HVAC.  

Motorized shades, connected to the control system, work to balance natural light and optimize comfort. Window treatments furnish a barrier that keeps cool air in and the heat-producing ultraviolet light out.  When combined with human-centric lighting, your smart home can govern itself, leaving you to focus more on living and less on keeping comfortable. 

Lutron Shades 

Lutron has continued to improve its technology since inventing their quiet automated shades in 1993. Lutron offers several shade varieties, like Roman, roller, automated draperies, and insulating cellular shades. Choose from more than 1,500 shading fabric options, not including their custom-print and Customer’s Own Material (COM) selection. Lutron even has plenty of control options to choose from, from traditional to contemporary, metal to glass, and more. 

Want to learn more about climate control or the energy-saving potential of home automation? Click here or call us at (210) 858-6954 or fill out this form to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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