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How to Achieve High-Quality Sound in Your Outdoor Spaces

Find the Right Speakers and Layout to Listen to Your Favorite Music

How to Achieve High-Quality Sound in Your Outdoor Spaces

When you’re enjoying a beautiful day in your pool or patio, why not step it up by adding an ideal soundtrack? With a professional outdoor AV installation, you can listen to your favorite music on every corner of your San Antonio or Hill Country property. Replace your makeshift Bluetooth speakers with a solution that offers robust sound and easy access to all your favorite music. Keep reading to find out what it takes to enjoy high-quality audio in all of your outdoor spaces.

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Invest in Powerful, Durable Outdoor Speakers

The biggest mistake you can make when setting up an outdoor sound system is going with speakers meant for indoor use. Even if you bring them in after every use, wear and tear will slowly diminish your speaker’s quality. Instead, you should opt for speakers specifically designed to brave the elements. For example, Sonance outdoor speakers are made of a composite that won’t corrode, flake, or chip easily. The speakers have triple-sealed enclosures and waterproof connectors to keep water from seeping in.

Outdoor speakers aren't just designed to brave the elements; typically, they're also louder than their indoor counterparts. That's because they have to cover a much larger space and deal with more ambient noise. Since they have a lot of ground to cover, these speakers are also designed for wide dispersal so you can get more balanced sound throughout your backyard, patio, or pool. 

Create a Layout with Multiple Audio Zones

 The other big mistake associated with outdoor AV is speaker position. In DIY installations where there’s no wiring foundation, users are forced to rely on a few speakers mounted on the wall or placed near the house’s interior where outlets are available. This creates a few issues. For one, the sound is unbalanced—much louder closer to your home and harder to hear further away. 

Instead, you should install landscape speakers on the periphery facing inwards. This way you get a balanced sound that is amplified as it bounces off your walls. Don't focus just on your backyard. Use this layout in each distinct outdoor zone including your pool and patio. That way you can listen to different music in each of these zones. The zones each have separate subwoofers to strengthen your bass sounds. 

Connect All of Your Favorite Music 

One of the benefits of going with a professional installation for your outdoor AV is being able to sync up all your favorite gear. Typically, since you can't take your digital collection, CD player, or turntable outdoors, you're stuck listening to streaming services or radio. Instead, we can link up your outdoor sound to all of your favorite music sources and make it easy to manage it all.

From a mobile app or waterproof remote, you can pull up the song, album, or station you want to hear and choose where you want to listen. Choose just one of your audio zones or have it play throughout your outdoor space. If you add smart home control, you can incorporate landscape lighting into your app or remote to turn up the lights as the sun sets. 

Want to find out a better way to listen to your music in your pool, patio, or backyard? Call us at 210-858-6954 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our outdoor AV installations.

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