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How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades for Your Home

Find the Ideal Combination of Style and Practicality

How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades for Your Home

Motorized window shades are one of the most versatile smart technology products available. They can enhance your climate control, boost your interior design, and protect your family's privacy. Since there are so many options to choose from, though, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which is the best option for your San Antonio or Texas Hill Country home. In this blog, we explain what to look for when researching shades and explain why a professional installation is the best way to go.

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Motor Durability

You always want to work with an established brand to make sure you’re dealing with reliable motors. Though most include manual overrides, your shades will only be as reliable as your motor. You don’t want to invest in a solution that will stop working after a few years and require multiple follow-up installations. Both Lutron and QMotion offer extremely reliable motors and include warranties for quick replacements if needed.

Control Options

How do you want to manage your shades? Some only provide control from a single remote or mobile app. Both Lutron and QMotion can integrate into third-party control solutions so you can extend your options to dedicated touchpads, wall keypads, and even voice commands. Sterling Home Technologies works with you to incorporate all the control options you want to use with your shades.


One of the biggest concerns with motorized shades is motor noise, especially when they’re in nurseries or bedrooms where any sound can quickly become a nuisance. When working with the top companies in the industry, and a professional installer, your motor noise should not become an issue. You can always test-drive shades to listen to the motor firsthand before making a decision.

Wireless vs. Wired

This primarily has to do with how you want to power your shades. Many people opt for battery-operated motorized window shades since they’re the cheapest and easiest to install. The battery will likely have to be replaced in a few years, depending on how often you used the shades.

You can also go with wired motors, connecting the shades to a general power supply within the walls. Through a professional installation, all wires remain hidden from view, and you don't have to worry about power running out at inopportune times.


We can offer a wide variety of window treatments so you can find the ones that best fit within your interior décor. You can choose from different model shades, blinds, and drapes. Your technology professional can meet with you and any designers you're working with to find the right assortment for your home.

Openness Factor

For many of your window treatments, you'll also get to choose your fabric's openness factor depending on the amount of light you want to let in. For areas where you want to reduce light and glare—like a bedroom or media room—you want to go with a small openness factor.

This does create a bit of a balancing act, since reducing your openness factor will also limit your view. The solution? Use double roller shades. You can have two types of shades in the same window. During the day, use the open shades to let light in and enjoy the view. When it’s time to watch a movie, lower the blackout shades to reduce the glare on the screen.

By working with a professional integrator like Sterling Home Technologies you can ensure you have the proper shades and an easy way to manage them. We also guarantee exact measurements, so the shades fit perfectly on your windows. To get started, call us at 210-858-6954 or contact us online.

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