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How to Find the Right Security System for Your Home

Invest in a Custom Solution Designed to Meet Your Family’s Needs

How to Find the Right Security System for Your Home

Every aspect of your home in San Antonio, TX or Texas Hill Country is specially designed with your family's needs in mind. Nowhere is this more important than with your home security system. As you look for the right technology to protect your property and family, you need to take into account what your biggest vulnerabilities and priorities are. This may have to do with the features you include, where you install them, and even how you manage them. For this reason, make sure you answer the following questions when trying to decide which security solution makes the most sense for you.

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What Features Do You Want to Include?

The first step is figuring out what you want to include. A smart security system has a lot of moving parts: surveillance, access control, water sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitoring. While we recommend a comprehensive system with all these features, we build scalable solutions, so it’s easy for you to add devices or locations in the future.

Do You Want Remote Access?

When installing a new security system, decide if you’d like to be able to manage it remotely. This means that from your smartphone—anywhere with an internet connection—you can look at footage, lock doors, or set your alarm. While most smart solutions offer remote access, just how much you can control may differ. Some let you watch live surveillance, but not make changes. Others let you pan and zoom your camera and let you view previously-recorded footage. If you spend a lot of time from home or are using your system for a vacation home, we recommend going with a more comprehensive remote access solution.

Do You Want to Receive Notifications?

Many of our clients like upgrading to a smart security system that is proactive when it comes to keeping them in the know. Instead of having to check their app to see what's happening, they can receive notifications aligned with their specific priorities. Your system can let you know if you forgot to set the alarm, need to lock a door, or if someone is waiting to be let in at the front door. This is a great option for households with a lot of kids, who may be more likely to forget to lock the front door or close the garage.

Do You Want to Include Other Technology?

The final step is figuring out how you want your security system to interact with the other technology in your home. Will it be standalone or be integrated with your lighting, thermostat, and home audio? We recommend complementing your security with a home automation system for optimal results.

To explain the benefits, imagine there's a fire in your home. The smoke detectors will alert your security system. You can then have your alarm go off not only through your detectors but also via your in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Your thermostat turns off the fan to avoid fanning the flames, and your lights turn on to guide the way to the nearest exit.

At Sterling Home Technologies we can work with you to create a custom solution that makes the most sense for your family’s needs. To set up a consultation call us (210) 858-6954 or fill out this form.

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