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How to Get Better Sound Out of Your Favorite Music

Create the Ultimate Listening Experience in Your San Antonio and Texas Hill Country Home

How to Get Better Sound Out of Your Favorite Music

Rock & Roll shouldn’t have to settle for your TV’s built-in speakers or ones you bought at your local retail store. Unleash the power of your favorite albums by giving them the right place to shine. Invest in a whole home audio system that includes the best equipment in the audio industry and expert speaker placement, so you get high-quality sound in every corner of your home in the Texas Hill Country. This blog showcases some of ways a professional installation breathes new life into your favorite music.

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Upgrade Your AV Components

The primary problem we see in a lot of our clients’ stereo systems is the quality of their equipment. Researching the best speakers or AV receivers can be a daunting task with a handful of specifications that only the most devoted audiophiles can decipher. Either clients settle for built-in speakers on their computers, CD players or televisions or they feel the best approach is buying the most expensive equipment they can find. As part of your whole home audio installation, we work with you to figure out which options would make the most sense for you.

Every music lover has different needs and priorities, so the truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your home audio. By partnering with the top companies in the AV industry, we can find the ideal amplifiers and speakers for your space. Enhance your sound without sacrificing your style with Origin Acoustic’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers or add power and performance with loudspeakers from Klipsch. Back it all up with an amplifier from McIntosh that brings unprecedented power and clarity to your favorite recordings.

Find the Right Speaker Layout

Another issue we face is that, outside of surround sound systems, little thought goes into speaker placement. Usually, one or two speakers are placed on one end of the room to provide sound for the entire space. While this makes sense in some scenarios, it ultimately depends on how you like to listen to music. Do you like to have it on in the background as you do chores or walk through the house? Do you like to sit down on the couch and focus on your favorite album?

If you typically listen to music in the background or as you move around the house, in-ceiling speakers may be your best option. These are designed to have wide dispersal, so you won’t notice when you walk directly under them. By spacing those out correctly, you get uniform sound as you move around the house. And with a professional audio system, it's easy for you to get music playing in one room or throughout your home at the press of a button.

If you’re a passionate music lover that wants to sit down and spend the evening with a particular album, then a 2-channel stereo system may by ideal. Place your seating at the center of the room (preferably one with rectangular dimensions) and put two loudspeakers in front of you a few feet apart from each other. This setup will let you recreate a concert experience in the comfort of your home.

Link Up to High-Quality Sources

Even the best chefs can’t create gourmet meals with subpar ingredients. The only way to cook a grade-A filet mignon is to start with the right cut. It’s the same with your AV equipment. To get great sound, you also need to invest in the right source components. If you have a poor recording, the best speakers and amplifiers are only going magnify its problems. Create the right foundation for your whole home audio system by investing in high-quality sources.

For the best sound quality, you want to stick to vinyl records. The next best option is investing in CDs or high-resolution audio files which you can find on a variety of websites. For those that want music playing in the background, streaming may be an ideal choice. Streaming services often offer lower quality since files are compressed to stream quickly. There are a few exceptions, though. Tidal and Deezer both have hi-fi subscriptions with uncompressed files that offer CD-level quality.

From your speakers to your sources, a lot of thought goes into designing a stereo system that lets you enjoy your favorite music as it was meant to be heard. To find out how you can enjoy professional-grade audio, contact Sterling Home Technologies.

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