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How We Create Movie Magic in Home Theaters

Recreating a Cinematic Experience Starts with Your Surround Sound System

How We Create Movie Magic in Home Theaters

There are a few Academy Awards for sound and music, which should give us an idea of how important audio is to film. So why should watching movies at home feel any different? 

At Sterling Home Technologies, we are the leading smart home technology experts in San Antonio, TX. We know that recreating the perfect cinematic experience at home requires careful planning, a killer TV or projector screen, and a state-of-the-art surround sound system.

Here are three reasons why surround sound is essential for an immersive movie-watching experience in your media room or home theater. 

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Stay Home, Feel at the Movies 

Except for the large-scale screen, the long lines, and the stale popcorn, we can recreate most of a movie theater at home. How big or small your theater is will depend on the space available. 

For video, a high-definition Sony TV or projector screen can go as large as your walls allow. We use motorized shades and lights by Lutron to set the mood no matter the film and crowd. 

Getting the perfect seats for your space and designing an appropriate layout is usually next. How luxurious that design depends entirely on you!

But what about recreating the sound that makes every hair on our arms stand even before the movie starts? 

The Key to Hi-Fi Audio

In any effective horror film, there are scenes crafted to make audiences jump out of their seats. That first glimpse of a shark in Jaws comes to mind, as well as the now-famous melody that precedes it. 

At the movies, high-fidelity sound is key to treating audiences to an immersive experience. We partner with the best brands in smart AV systems to recreate it at home. 

That way, the Jaws theme tune grows louder out of the front McIntosh speaker. However, the foreshadowing sound of a fin breaking the surface is right behind you, coming from the floor Klipsch speaker you almost didn’t have installed!

To finish designing any surround sound system, your media room or home theater should have proper noise insulation. We also have the best acoustic treatments for that.  

Full Control of AV Systems

There is no need to recreate the full cinematic experience at home. The stale popcorn and loud crowds, for example, are free to stay at the theater. 

To further set your media room or home theater apart, automation systems like Control4 give you full control over lights, blinds, video, and audio. So, hit play on your smartphone and watch the lights dim to the perfect, pre-programmed setting. 

When you are ready to bring surround sound into your home, contact us so we can turn movie watching into an event worth staying in for!

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