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How Your Smart Home Creates a More Comfortable Lifestyle

Make Sure to Include These Features During Your Smart Home Installation

How Your Smart Home Creates a More Comfortable Lifestyle

Getting new technology shouldn’t just be about making your home cooler or more fun. The one thing you should focus on during any smart home installation is what makes your home feel like a home: comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Most companies offer a variety of features that directly address those needs. As you read this blog, find out which of these are a must-have for your home in San Antonio or the Texas Hill Country.

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Create the Ideal Climate in Your Home

During the year, temperatures fluctuate wildly in Texas. Even during the scorching summer days or freezing winter nights, you’re going to want refuge in your house set at the perfect temperature. This is why we recommend including climate control in your smart home installation. How would you like to schedule changes throughout the day or year at the tap of a button? Explore the video below to see how easy it is to schedule the ideal temperature at any time:

Besides scheduling, your smart thermostat also works hand-in-hand with sensors to manage the temperature while conserving energy. Every time you leave the house, the thermostat automatically goes into energy saving mode then reverts to your preferred settings when you return. At the top of this page, you can see a previous blog of ours expanding on the benefits of smart thermostats.

Get the Perfect Lighting Every Time

Setting the perfect lighting is integral to any interior design, but it's also essential to your house's livability. There are different lighting needs for every room and function. On the one hand, you'll want minimal lighting when you're watching a movie. For your evening reading session, you'll want brighter lighting, so you can easily follow the words on the page.

The wrong lighting will result in glares or straining and an ensuing headache. Having the right settings in place completely transforms your comfort and well-being. Easily create lighting scenes for all of these different needs and pull them up at the press of a button on your phone or a dedicated touchpad. Schedule scenes for daily tasks to happen automatically—like the lights gradually turning on when it’s time to wake up in the morning.

Reduce Your Anxiety with Smart Security

Though lighting and climate go a long way in giving you physical comfort, security features provide you peace of mind that is just as important. Know your family is safe whether you're home or away with some of the features outlined below. 

Many people experience additional anxiety when they leave the house. How do they know everything is safe back home? Did they remember to lock the doors? Did they leave certain lights on? Automated scenes help to eliminate human error. Create security-minded ones that enhance your family’s safety.  An “Away” scene, for example, locks all your doors, closes the shades and activates your alarm.

As part of your smart home installation, you’ll also be able to look in at any time using a mobile app. Feel better knowing you can check to see everything is fine no matter where you are. Create alerts according to your unique priorities. If you’re at work, you’ll know as soon as the kids get home, or the dog walker comes over.

Want to find out what other smart home technology features are available to enhance your day-to-day? Contact us by calling (210) 858-6954, filling out our online contact form or chatting with a live representative.


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