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Let the Pros Automate Your Smart Home

Behind All the Smartest Smart Homes, There Is a Trusted Home Automation Company

Let the Pros Automate Your Smart Home

Is your smart home not working quite as advertised? If so, have you considered updating to the latest technology systems on your own? Although it may sound like a good idea, there is a lot of work behind installing, integrating, and automating smart devices into a cohesive, efficient whole. That’s where we can help! 

Sterling Home Technologies is the leading home automation company in San Antonio, TX, giving you access to the best brands, industry-leading installation practices, and unparalleled customer service and support. Still not convinced?

Here are the main advantages of hiring a professional to help install, integrate, and automate your smart home technology systems. 

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When You Know, You Know

There is a lot more to home automation than buying the most expensive products and turning them on. For example, a smart AV system often has dozens of components, all of which must be calibrated to your space and integrated to work together. From the TV to the surround sound speakers and amplifiers, every device must then be programmed to respond to your commands at the tap of a smartphone. The same is true for any other technology system, meaning lighting control, security, and energy management all benefit from professional installation and automation. 

Using the best brands goes a long way toward setting up a seamless home automation system. After all, these devices are engineered with integration and automation in mind, but with so many options available, picking the right combination of products can become overwhelming. A professional automation company will be able to assess your home and project goals, recommending a comprehensive technology solution that will enhance and optimize your lifestyle. 

Save on Time, Money, & Sanity

Things break, no matter how well-designed they are. That’s why our work doesn’t stop after installation is complete. At Sterling, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for your technology systems, including system monitoring and upgrade recommendations to keep your smart home performing up to industry standards. This performance inevitably translates to savings across the board. 

For instance, automated thermostats, motorized blinds, and smart lights all contribute toward more efficient energy management and climate control. Is it the middle of the summer in San Antonio? There’s nothing to worry about! Your smart, automated home is ready to roll the shades down, turn the lights off, and start the AC even if you are on the other side of the world. 

DIY projects are fun for a day or two but can turn into an expensive, time-consuming hassle once you consider the complexity of integrating and automating dozens of smart devices. Lucky for you, we are here to help and our experts are just a screen tap away!