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Smart Home Security - More Than Alarms and Cameras

See How We Provide Peace of Mind for Your Whole San Antonio Home

Smart Home Security - More Than Alarms and Cameras

Your home should be a place of solace, a sanctuary where you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  A regular home security system can bring a sense of safety by alerting you to possible intrusions, but a smart home security system can protect you from so much more. Plus, it responds to threats and notifies you much more efficiently.

Installing a system that can monitor the entire home, from the yard to the wine cellar to the water pipes, gives you the assurance that everything is in order. Be confident that you will be notified of any issues, whether you are in the bedroom or halfway around the world.

Read on to learn about installing a smart home security system in your San Antonio, TX home.

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Property and People

Your smart home furnishes you the convenience of effortless control over music, lighting, shades, and climate. It also can provide complete security monitoring of every aspect of the house. We can help you find the right set of features for your needs.

Protecting property and people is the first job of any security system. You can monitor who is coming up the driveway or approaching the door with sensors and cameras with one in place. It also allows you to monitor the kids, making sure they are safe away from the pool, or that they’re doing the homework they promised to finish —all of this with quick access to streaming cameras and recordings.

Keeping family members with health issues safe is of utmost importance and can be a constant source of worry. Medical sensors and emergency pendants provide a lifeline in a time of need. A smart home security network can not only alert the monitoring service but the household itself and designated family members, regardless of where they are.

The Home Ecosystem

A house is a complex set of interconnected systems that bring you greater comfort and functionality -  many of them hidden behind walls.. On the rare occasion that one of these fails, it can be even more damaging because you’d need to open your walls to diagnose or fix issues. Sterling Home Technologies can support you even beyond the installation so you feel secure that your system will work when you most need it.

Control of the temperature and humidity is of high importance; keeping things in balance allows you to focus on the enjoyment of your home. What happens if things go awry while you are out? A leak from the HVAC system can destroy furniture and electronics. The wrong settings in the wine cellar can be devastating to your expensive vintage collection.

A smart system can alert you and a property manager of any issues via remote messaging or on-screen controls in the home. It can also take pre-emptive actions such as shutting down systems to inhibit the spread of fire or engaging ventilation after sensors detect a carbon monoxide leak.

You can also be confident that you can access emergency services or trades whether you are home or not by the touch of a button.

A whole-home security system gives the confidence that your house is protected inside and out. At Sterling Home Technologies, we can work with you to create a custom security solution that makes the most sense for your family's needs. Call us at (210) 858-6954 or fill out this form to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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