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Stay Cool in Your Texas Home with a Smart Thermostat and More

Here’s Everything You Need to Add Cool Comfort to Your Home

Stay Cool in Your Texas Home with a Smart Thermostat and More

We all love our Texas homes here in San Antonio, but most of us also experience some moments during the hot summers where we start wishing for fall. Add social distancing into the mix, and you’re stuck inside a balmy house until you can better manage the temperature. Fortunately for you, we have some ideas, including mainstays like smart thermostats and motorized shades, as well as a couple of fun surprises. Keep reading for a few highly recommended tips our pros have for you.

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Smart Thermostats

Savant features some of the most state-of-the-art climate control features available today. The Multistat’s integrated sensors detect climate both inside and outside your home which pops up on the displays throughout your property. A climate control system optimized for comfort involves so much more than temperature: You can also monitor humidity and plenum vs. non-plenum air control vents. And Savant’s Climate relay modules give you access to all your home’s climate systems (helpful when you have a large home) with a few taps and swipes.

Motorized Shades

We all enjoy a sunny day, but that beautiful light can also make you uncomfortable. According to Energy.gov, almost 80% of the light that enters a standard double-pane window becomes heat, which in turn causes not only discomfort but also a strain on your HVAC system that drives up your energy bills.

Motorized shades control heat in two ways - by containing cool air inside and by keeping hot air outside. Automated window treatments provide a barrier between the climate-controlled air and the heat outside, for starters. Honeycomb shades, specifically, can also trap heat from ever entering your home by capturing it inside specially designed air pockets. The investment works all year round by keeping chilly air out in the winter and sweltering heat at bay during summer months.

Outdoor Fans

It may be hot outside, but many will venture out to avoid the dreaded cabin fever effect that comes from staying cooped up for too long. Outdoor fans can make some mid-day reading or TV-viewing more enjoyable. Savant integrates with outdoor fan manufacturers to create a breezier outdoor setup. Maybe you’re comfortably seated in your hammock chair and don’t want to deal with getting up to pull a cord. Savant lets you use your phone (or your voice!) instead.

Pool Controls

When every other outdoor activity proves uncomfortably hot, you can always count on the pool. Savant simplifies this outdoor system integration with automated pool and jacuzzi controls. When connected to a management system like Jandy, your Savant system can program water temperature or turn on underwater jets and lighting. This luxury comes in handy after a long day at work. Just pull up your Savant app before you leave and prime your settings so everything’s ready when you get home.


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