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The Benefits of Lutron’s Motorized Blinds

Lutron’s Motorized Blinds Automatically Adjust Throughout the Day

The Benefits of Lutron’s Motorized Blinds

When considering smart home technology, many homeowners start with shades and lighting. After all, the two work in tandem, controlling the diffused sunlight that enters a home with the light supplied by fixtures. 

Lutron is the global industry leader in automated lighting and shade control. In addition to the brand’s incredible line of shades, they also produce motorized blinds. These window treatments offer a whole next level of control when it comes to filtered sunlight and climate control in your Fredericksburg, TX home.

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Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Horizontal sheer blinds offer the beauty and elegance of sheer material with the precision control inherent in a blind. In addition, the sheer fabric filters the sunlight, allowing just enough to light up your home while eliminating the harsh UV rays that damage fine art and furnishings. 

Even when closed, the sheer fabric diffuses the view inside a home while retaining the view of the beautiful outdoors. The fabric vanes also tilt in precise increments, maintaining a perfect alignment across multiple windows.

Wood Blinds

Crafted from North American basswood, these blinds provide a classic look and offer the ultimate privacy while still allowing the sun's rays to filter into your home. They come in stained or painted finishes, like walnut, oak, and arctic white.

Utilizing daylight reduces the need for electric light, saving energy and reducing our footprint on the planet. At best, however, it's difficult to continuously adjust blinds throughout the day as the sun changes positions in the sky. Fortunately, Lutron does that for you. 

The natural light optimization feature automatically adjusts the blinds throughout the day, allowing just enough daylight in. It accomplishes this by identifying the direction of the window and adjusting the blinds based on the sun’s position and the time of year. For example, the blinds adjust as the seasons change, allowing more sun in the southern windows during the winter and reducing the sun exposure during the warm summer days. 

The blinds also possess a fade fighter mode which adjusts the blinds to protect artwork and fine furnishings from the direct glare of the sun. If you'd like them closed, simply push a button on your smart remote or use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant's voice command. 

Preset Scenes

Our certified technicians can also program preset scenes that adjust your blinds and other automated technology at the touch of a button on your wall keypad, remote control, smartphone, or touchscreen tablet. For example, a Good Morning scene allows you to greet the day as the blinds raise to a preset level, allowing just enough morning sunlight to filter through. 

An evening scene can lower the blinds and close the vanes to provide privacy. When integrated with your smart home automation system, your lighting, climate, audio-video, security, and more can be controlled from one easy-to-use interface.

Are you interested in seeing what the latest technology in window treatment control can do for your home and your lifestyle? At Sterling Home Technologies, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the service and home automation technologies that will truly change their lives. For more information on smart window treatments or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sterling Home Technologies today. 

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