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The Benefits of Working With a Smart Home Automation Company

Use the Right Automated Products to Their Full Potential

The Benefits of Working With a Smart Home Automation Company

Are you considering delving into the world of home automation? If so, we'll have to warn you that starting to make your home smart is a little like eating the first potato chip or bite of ice cream. Once you see the changes this technology brings to your daily life, you may wonder how you ever lived without it, with one step leading to the next until your home is completing your once-daily tasks. 

To ensure your smart home offers ease of living and not frustration, it's essential to work with a home automation company. So let’s look at the benefits and what this technology can bring to your Kerrville, TX home.

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Know The Products

You're probably aware of the changing landscape of home automation. It seems that we're receiving news of advances in technology that are revolutionizing the industry almost daily. But, even for those of us that live and breathe home automation, it's not always easy to stay up on the latest trends and advances. It takes concerted daily effort, an effort that we're proud to maximize to give our clients the best lifestyle these innovative products provide.

One rapidly changing technology is machine learning. Even now, your automated devices may be learning about you as you use them. For example, they could be discovering your music preferences, the temperature each member of the family likes, and your preferred lighting settings at dinner. 

Today’s changing technology can also help you lead a more sustainable life. For example, automated systems are coming on the market that support off-grid technology and solar panels. In addition, they offer energy consumption monitoring, power storage, and remote control of all electrical appliances, enabling households to continue operating during an outage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Understand Integrations

Does Nest play nicely with Savant? Will your home automation system control your new refrigerator? How will the new whole-home audio system integrate with the speakers you love so dearly? 

Integrating the many automated devices and ensuring their connectivity is one of the challenges in today's technology-focused world. Using hubs for centralized control and enabling them to perform automated decision-making is the wave of the future in home automation. Today, we make it a point to know every smart device and how they integrate. It’s the only way to ensure an automated home that functions smoothly and effortlessly. 

Did you know that your blinds can communicate with your lighting system, both automatically adjusting to create the perfect environment of artificial and natural light? That’s the power of integration.

Looking to the Future

As with all things in life, change is inevitable. A family grows and gains new interests, with each member learning more about life and their preferences as the days progress. Like life, your home automation system should not lie stagnant. 

In the right programmer and integrator’s hands, these systems are designed to change as you do. It's one of the reasons we build life-long relationships with our clients. First, we learn about their changing needs as their family expands and their preferences evolve. Then, we align their home automation, adding additional technology and changing others as they transform and automation progresses. 

Are you ready to explore what home automation could mean to you and your family? For 17 years, Sterling Home Technologies has provided hundreds of happy customers with simple control of automated technology - from lighting and shade control to whole-home audio and video, climate control, and energy management. If you'd like to learn more about home automation or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sterling Home Technologies today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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