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What Are the Stylistic Benefits of Motorized Shades?

Boost Your Home’s Interior Design With Smart Control

What Are the Stylistic Benefits of Motorized Shades?

Realizing the true potential of your interior design requires a careful balance between technology and aesthetics. Minimizing the impact of large AV equipment –through in-ceiling speakers or TVs hidden in custom cabinetry—is one way to do this. Another is using technology to highlight areas of your San Antonio, TX home through the use of lighting control or motorized shades. Smart shading is an excellent way to bring elegant finishes to your windows while helping you manage the natural light in your home.

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Access Hard-to-Reach Fixtures

Every window in your home could benefit from having shades or drapes. They are used to protect your family’s privacy, block out the sun, and add a finishing touch to your interior design. With shades you can control from a remote, touchpad or smartphone, it’s easier to cover even the hardest-to-reach windows. Many modern homes include floor-to-ceiling windows that are practically impossible to manage manually. Some also include windows that are too high for most family members to reach. With smart control, you can cover up them up without having to sacrifice your stylistic preferences.

Take Advantage of Dual-Shades

Another cool way you can blend functionality and style is through the use of dual-shades. Have a blackout shade you can bring down to block out the sun while you're cooking. When the sun isn't hitting the window directly, pull up the blackout shade and bring down a sheer shade that matches your home’s décor. Smart control makes it easy to select which one you want to open or close or adjust them simultaneously.  Dual shades are also a great option for entertainment spaces like a home theater or media room. You can use the blackout shades to eliminate ambient lighting when watching a movie and use the sheer shades the rest of the day to match your interior design.

Manage Your Home’s Natural Light

As we mentioned at the start of the blog, lighting control also plays a big part in your interior design. While this usually means adjusting the artificial light to highlight certain features, it can work with natural light as well. We can install photo sensors in certain rooms so that when the sun is out, the artificial lights will dim to save energy and give the area a natural glow.

In other rooms, you may want to do the opposite. Natural light could damage some artwork or furnishings. In the past, this meant placing them in areas far from windows. Instead, you can direct photo sensors to close your shades as soon as windows are hit directly by the sun, letting you protect vulnerable items.

Whether you want to add a spark with new shades or manage the amount of sunlight in your home, motorized shades can be a great stylistic tool.

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