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What Do You get with a Professional Smart Home Installation?

What Do You get with a Professional Smart Home Installation?

We all know that smart home technology is readily available. We see Amazon Alexa ads on TV, new devices come out almost every week, and it’s difficult not to notice the devices featured prominently at your local big-box store.

You may wonder if you need a professional smart home installation for your San Antonio home. As a smart home company in Central Texas, we are biased, of course, and we believe there are significant benefits to bringing in a professional to add smart features and automation to your home.

Read on to see why!


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Effortless Control

If you have just about any smart home device, you know it comes with its own app. While controlling a device from an app is a good and useful feature, when five different devices need five different apps, the convenience of app control starts to wane.

Ideally, you want one app to control all your devices and make them work together. That’s why we work with professionally installed and configured systems like Savant. Savant solutions give you one app for control and coordination of all your devices – but that’s not all. The system also features other elegant and intuitive control mechanisms, like wall-mounted programmable keypads and the Savant Pro remote that is perfect for AV and smart home control. Plus, Savant also works well with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri. You can have seamless home control, your way, without shuffling through multiple apps.

Moreover, a Savant system allows you to customize your environment. You can pick all the settings you like for an activity like watching a movie in the family room and save them as a scene. With one touch, your lights can dim, your AV system turns on to all the correct settings, your thermostats adjust to the ideal evening temperature, and your motorized shades draw closed. With a system like Savant, software updates don’t upset any saved schedules or saved routines. With some consumer smart devices, frequent updates sometimes reset routines that you may depend on, forcing you to redo them.

Smart Home Infrastructure

With a professional installation, you get another key benefit. Smart home technology continues to advance, and it's essential that your home can adapt to new technology. A smart home professional knows how to set up your home for intelligent features now and into the future. It may require specific choices regarding networking equipment and installation, as well as low voltage wiring and communications cabling.

Depending on the construction and size of your home, we can recommend the right solutions that might involve wired and wireless technologies. Not all wireless technologies work over long distances or through all types of construction. We do, and we design and install the right solution for you, with an eye on keeping it in line with your budget and priorities.

Want to find out more benefits of a professional smart home installation? Click here or chat with a live representative right now by clicking the “Let’s Talk!” button at the bottom of your screen. You can also give us a call at (210) 858-6954. We look forward to hearing from you!

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