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What is the Best Way to Manage Your Home’s Technology?

Choose a Solution that Works Best For You with Smart Home Automation

What is the Best Way to Manage Your Home’s Technology?

Picture a typical day in your home. What technology do you tend to use every day? How do you usually interact with it? Finally, ask yourself the most important question: Is this the best way to do it? With a smart home automation system, you get to decide how you manage everything on a day-to-day basis.

With all of your smart technology under one umbrella, your custom integrator can come up with a system that makes the most sense for your home in San Antonio or the Texas Hill Country. In this blog, we highlight some control options so you can begin thinking about which would work best for you.

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Dedicated Touchpad

Most major automation companies like Savant Systems offer a line of touchpads you can use to manage your home. They offer a variety of size and color options so you can find the right fit. On these touchpads, you’ll find an intuitive user interface that divides your system by individual rooms or the type of technology you’re using so it’s easy to control everything.

Mobile App

After installing your smart home automation system, your custom integrator will show you how to access your system from a mobile app. Now you can enjoy the same user interface from your dedicated touchpad on the smart device of your choice. The biggest benefit of these mobile apps is that you can take them anywhere. From your smartphone, you can access all your technology no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.


Reduce your wall clutter by replacing traditional light switches with elegant keypads that let you control entertainment, lighting, climate and more. These keypads can correspond to specific devices or to scenes that manage multiple components at once. Press the “Cinema” button, and the lights dim, shades close, and your TV and Blu-Ray player turn on. These keypads can be mounted on the wall or reside on your coffee table or nightstand.


One of the reasons clients like using keypads is that they're used to having standard buttons instead of touchscreens. Most automation companies also offer remotes that let you manage your lighting, thermostat, and entertainment.

Savant Systems, for example, introduced its Pro Remote last year that lets you save your favorite channels as well as lighting and climate settings. It also includes a voice control button so you can change the channel or lower the temperature with a simple voice command.


Using your dedicated touchpad or mobile app, you can program things to happen on a daily basis. You could have a “Good Night” scene that locks the doors, closes all the shades and sets the alarm at 11 p.m. Scheduled scenes are also an excellent way to manage your outdoor lighting. Make sure all landscape lighting is turned on at 6 p.m. every day by scheduling it into your smart home automation system.


Schedules aren’t the only way to automate your smart home. You can also use smart sensors, which are especially useful when it comes to your lighting control. Have occupancy sensors throughout your home, so lights are only left on in rooms that are being used. Use motion sensors in your outdoor walkways, so they illuminate as you head to your driveway or front door.

We can help you choose from the options above to create a custom smart home specifically designed to meet your family’s needs. To get started, all you have to do is fill out our online contact form.

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