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Why Climate Control Is a Must-Have for Your Smart Home System

Why Climate Control Is a Must-Have for Your Smart Home System

While the summer tourists in San Antonio, TX are sweltering their way along the Riverwalk, you can enjoy a perfectly cool atmosphere inside your home using smart technology to regulate your home’s internal climate.

From smart thermostats to motorized window shades, there is no shortage of devices that can be integrated so you can endure that ever-present humidity.

Our homeowners in the San Antonio area have come to rely on our smart home climate control services to save them energy and money and to ensure that they return home to a comfortably cool setting.

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Smart Home Climate Control Is a Key Solution

You can’t underestimate the level of comfort and convenience an integrated climate control system can bring to your life.

When the sun goes down in the evening and all of a sudden you find it’s too chilly inside, you now have to get up and turn down the thermostat. Or perhaps you might have increased the temperature too much and you then wake up in the middle of the night trying to kick the covers off the bed.

You don’t want to struggle just to control your home’s climate, you want an intelligent system that can do all the necessary adjustments for you throughout your whole property. This is why we recommend the all-inclusive technology of a Control4 smart home system.

Control4 Climate Control Saves Time, Money and Energy

A Control4 system doesn’t just program your thermostat, it can automatically sense outdoor temperatures and adjust your home’s climate accordingly. So perhaps it’s a typical 100 degrees outside on a San Antonio summer day but it then unexpectedly drops to 90 degrees the next day. Control4 will automatically adjust its settings saving you time, money, and energy.

Maybe you have been away on vacation, and your home has been set to a warmer, energy-saving mode while you’ve been gone. However, you don’t want to arrive back home and have to wait for your house to cool down until you can go inside. Simply open up the Control4 app on your smartphone or laptop and you’ll be able to set your home’s temperature to a comfortable level before you arrive.

Another high-quality smart home integration system we suggest using for climate control is Savant’s Multistat.

Savant’s ultramodern touchscreen displays allow you to view humidity levels, interior, and exterior temperatures, as well as give you a preview of the upcoming weather forecast.

With a home automation system like Savant, you can also have access to multiple household features by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or speaking to a smart speaker like Alexa.

For example, say you are ready to retire for the evening; you can simply press a “go to sleep” button or say “bedtime” and Savant will automatically lower your shades and the temperature throughout your entire house.

It could also be programmed to integrate your lighting control system so that when you give the same nighttime command, all the lights in your house are also turned off – saving you even more money and energy.

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