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Why Remote Access Is Key to Your Home Security Experience

Discover Remote Shade Control, Alarm Management and More in This Blog

Why Remote Access Is Key to Your Home Security Experience

We’re sure you know the feeling: you’re driving to work and realize that you failed to lock the door behind you. Or you’re stuck in traffic on your way home, but your kids or guests are standing outside, waiting to get in. 

Though it’s important to feel safe when you’re actually inside your San Antonio, TX, home, there’s nothing like having security paired with a control system that you can carry with you everywhere you go. With the right technology in hand, you can always know what’s happening both inside and outside your home at all times. Our team installs high-end technology from trusted brands like Savant and Control4 because of their superior control and seamless user experience. You’ll love seeing each smart home and security solution on a single screen, giving you peace of mind that your Hill Country home is always well-protected.

Keep reading to see how we can give your family some peace of mind with top home security features such as remote shade control, remote access and more.

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Guarding Entryways, Limited-Access Spaces and Gates

Never wonder if you’ve left a front or backdoor unlocked once you’re already well on your way into your vacation or road trip. Using your smartphone, you can easily check in on your main entryways to see if they’re locked and set them to do so if they are not already. Gaining peace of mind is that simple!

Sometimes customizing your home means creating areas in your house that are all yours. Integrated locking systems also come in handy for guarding certain regions of the house you don’t want everyone to have access to, such as a closet with costly collectibles, a liquor cabinet, or a private balcony. Switch the door to locked or unlocked from your phone, just as you would with other entryways. We can even set up an alarm for anytime someone unauthorized tries to enter.

You can set this limited access to your outdoor gates as well. When someone pulls up to your gate, you should get a notification sent to your smart device instantly. If you have video intercom features installed, then you can video chat with the person. When an expected or welcome visitor pulls up, you can unlock the gate door and let them head inside.

Remote Motorized Shading Control

There’s nothing worse than walking out the door and forgetting something. Now imagine if you’ve left your gorgeous bay windows exposed while you’re set to be gone for an entire week. It gives intruders a peek into your home at all hours and shows that no one is home when your shades are raised even at night.

Now with remote shade control, you can operate your automated window treatments from anywhere in the world with internet access. Simply use your smart device to choose which shades you want to manage and lower them with ease at just a press of a button. You can raise them during the day as well, giving the illusion that your home is occupied and full of life even while you’re away.


Remote Alarm Management

Alarms can be tricky. You always want to have an alarm system in place to help secure your home, but they can be an inconvenient scare to friends and family if you accidentally leave your system armed as they approach. Get the most from your Savant or RTI system by remotely managing your alarms. It takes mere seconds to switch your home from armed to unarmed or to reinforce designated areas.


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