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Wireless Networking You Can Trust

Wi-Fi Provides the Convenience of Mobile Connection and Wireless Access If Done Right.

Wireless Networking You Can Trust

The data network in your smart home is a critical component, as vital as the electrical or plumbing. After all, streaming services, security, and daily online communications all travelover the Ethernet. 

Wi-Fi networking provides the convenience of broadband without wires, allowing you to roam freely with your mobile devices or add the latest smart unit with ease. While a wireless connection is the most expedient method of connecting, it does have its limitations.  An improperly installedhome Wi-Fi network can deliver more frustration than benefit. 

The expert networking team at Sterling Home Technologies can design and maintain a robust and secure wireless system for your San Antonio, TX home. 

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Bandwidth Demands 

Everything in a smart home relies on the network in some manner, whether it is for content, firmware updates, or communication between devices such as wireless lighting dimmers. Any network has a limit to its capacity; the growing list of items we insist on can strain the network if not properly managed. 

Streaming services and personal conferencing platforms demand the most from your network, consuming large portions of the available bandwidth. Online games, especially multiplayer first-person versions, can gobble up more of the limited space. The typical Zoom call or Netflix stream demands anywhere from 4 to 10Mbps depending on the number of screens, resolution, and presentation tools used. While this may seem like a small number, it is wise to remember that bandwidth is for each streaming device. If you add up all the units in the house, the total number climbs exponentially.   

What’s the Frequency?

Wireless communication uses a very select set of radio frequencies allocated by the FCC. The most common frequencies are in the 2.4Ghz and 5 GHz range and are broken up into smaller segments called channels. Excepting a few new and not fully implemented frequencies, these two ranges are where every Wi-Fi device travels over. 

While the system has built-in methods for ensuring that a wireless-enabled device can connect, it is not a guaranteed process.  A big part of the trouble is rooted in the fact that your devices attempting to connect also have to fight for airtime against all of your neighbor’s devices.  The units outside your home may not have the proper passcodes to gain access to your network, but they still clog the air with traffic. If you have ever driven between major cities and tried to tune in to an analog radio, you have a good idea of what the Wi-Fi receiver is up against. 

A part of designing a stable wireless network is determining what is around you.  Our networking experts can analyze the RF environment around your home and create the best method to provide you with a robust connection. 

Be Safe, Be Sure

Wi-Fi is broadcast over the air, which means that anyone with a receiver like a router or a dongle can intercept the data. The fear of someone gaining access to your conversations, browsing habits, or banking data is why most experts warn against using those unsecured coffee house connections. 

Setting up a simple password is a start. Still, unless you use higher-level encryption key methods, it is quite possible to sniff out essential data using tools easily and cheaply obtained online. We help you implement secure practices combined with virus scans, VPN, and firewalls to ensure your network is safe and delivers the performance your modern home demands. 

Wi-Fi is a vital part of your home; keeping it safe and robust is essential. We can furnish you with the network you need. Ready to get started? Click here or call us at (830) 537-3410orfill out this form to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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