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Your Favorite Songs Deserve Whole Home Audio

Learn why whole home audio is the ideal way to listen to your music

Your Favorite Songs Deserve Whole Home Audio

Your top tunes deserve far better sound treatment than the built-in speakers that come with your TV or laptop. The true power and essence of your favorite albums can be fully unleashed with whole home audio installed by Sterling Home Technologies. We provide only the best equipment available for your San Antonio, TX, home, delivering high quality from the equipment we install to the services we offer.

Read on to learn more about what whole home audio can do for your home and how our team can help.

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Upgraded AV Components

Many people aren’t aware that the quality of their music is sub-par because of the current sound systems they use. It’s easy to settle for what your TV, computer, or even smartphone offer, not realizing that there is a whole world of sound out there that is so much better! One unique element about our whole-home audio is that we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution for better sound: we tailor the audio-video components based on what you’re looking for, and what makes the most sense for your home – such as considering your desired viewing angle and room acoustics.

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the audio video industry to give each client exactly what they want. From walled-in or in-ceiling speakers or amplifiers, whatever your solution, the result is the same: premium quality music!

The Right Speakers For Your Space

Many people aren’t aware that the size and placement of speakers matter a great deal when it comes to quality sound. You may be thinking it’s most ideal to place speakers at opposite ends of the room to fill the entire space, but this doesn’t always make sense in every situation. People who are interested in background music would benefit from in-ceiling speakers for wider distribution of sound, while those who want to sit down and intentionally listen to a song would prefer a 2-channel stereo system for a front-row-seat-at-a-concert experience. If your home has an in-house theater or media room, this would be the perfect option.

Upgrade To Whole-Home Audio Today

From the type of speakers to where they should be placed in your home, Sterling Home Technologies puts a great deal of thought into sound quality. Your favorite songs were meant to be heard with clarity and the right acoustics. Don’t trust your sound to just anyone -- contact us today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you.