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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Control

3 Brands and Products to Add to Your Home Media Rooms: Part 1

We’ll Talk Innovative Movie Players, Seating and Sound

3 Brands and Products to Add to Your Home Media Rooms: Part 1

Though we love everything about home theaters – from installing them for others to enjoying them in our residences – there is something about the way home media rooms bring families together. In fact, we’ve seen many San Antonio, Boerne and Hill Country, TX, homeowners eschew the more traditional theater concept recently in favor of a multifaceted family space, complete with gaming systems, wine bars, communal seating or anything else the homeowner might conjure up during the concept phase.

At Sterling Home Technologies, we know that specifications mean everything when designing rooms, and many more variables go into a home media room setup. For example, you might be dealing with a more-open concept space and have to account for noise with acoustic treatments. Or, you have ambient light because the room you selected (a spare bedroom, perhaps?) wasn’t originally intended to be a theater-type space.

We can think of a fix for any potential issue, as well as a top-quality brand and product solution. Keep reading to see a few brands that we recommend for home media rooms.

3 Crisis-Ready Essentials to Add to Your Home Security System

3 Crisis-Ready Essentials to Add to Your Home Security System

It seems as though the news changes every day, and with that, our expectations constantly shift as well. We might wonder what comes next, how long the new coronavirus pandemic will last, and how much of a risk you take when you go out. With all this uncertainty surrounding us, the last thing we want to do is further endanger our families with an unsecured home. Give your family some valuable peace of mind with the home security system tools we mention below.

Though these security devices will help you feel safe while you’re at home, you can use them long after this crisis passes. Keep reading to find out which devices have creative use for both now and later, and why you’ll appreciate them.

What Do You get with a Professional Smart Home Installation?

What Do You get with a Professional Smart Home Installation?

We all know that smart home technology is readily available. We see Amazon Alexa ads on TV, new devices come out almost every week, and it’s difficult not to notice the devices featured prominently at your local big-box store.

You may wonder if you need a professional smart home installation for your San Antonio home. As a smart home company in Central Texas, we are biased, of course, and we believe there are significant benefits to bringing in a professional to add smart features and automation to your home.

Read on to see why!


3 New Savant Features That We Love

Our Top Home Automation Choice Keeps Exceeding Expectations

3 New Savant Features That We Love

Many home automation companies may have a favorite system to integrate, and we can’t say we blame them. We recommend Savant as the leading choice for smart home automation systems because its platforms not only manage your whole home with minimal effort but also look good while doing so. You can control lighting, A/V equipment, HVAC, shades, security systems, outdoor systems and more with ease and elegance.

That’s why Sterling Home Technologies works with Savant to bring San Antonio, TX, homeowners a smart home control offering that meets all of their needs. Our goal is for you to enjoy your system for years, so we work hard to guide you to the right choices. During your consultation, we’ll discuss multiple possibilities with you so that you will feel confident in your choice and know which connected devices you need.

4 Can’t-Miss Motorized Shades From Lutron’s Lineup

Discover Some New and Unexpected Draperies From Lutron

4 Can’t-Miss Motorized Shades From Lutron’s Lineup

By now, you’ve probably either read enough material about motorized shades or seen enough at friends’ homes or in commercial areas to know that they’re definitely not your grandma’s drapes anymore.

Lutron has continued to improve its technology since inventing their quiet automated shades in 1993. Lighting control and motorized shades experts continually find out how to enhance the shades to impress a future wave of customers. As such, we’re excited to show you four of the unique window treatments you can use in your San Antonio, TX, living space. Keep reading to explore a few ideas, and then let us know which might match your home’s decor. 

Why Remote Access Is Key to Your Home Security Experience

Discover Remote Shade Control, Alarm Management and More in This Blog

Why Remote Access Is Key to Your Home Security Experience

We’re sure you know the feeling: you’re driving to work and realize that you failed to lock the door behind you. Or you’re stuck in traffic on your way home, but your kids or guests are standing outside, waiting to get in. 

Though it’s important to feel safe when you’re actually inside your San Antonio, TX, home, there’s nothing like having security paired with a control system that you can carry with you everywhere you go. With the right technology in hand, you can always know what’s happening both inside and outside your home at all times. Our team installs high-end technology from trusted brands like Savant and Control4 because of their superior control and seamless user experience. You’ll love seeing each smart home and security solution on a single screen, giving you peace of mind that your Hill Country home is always well-protected.

Keep reading to see how we can give your family some peace of mind with top home security features such as remote shade control, remote access and more.